Friday, June 22, 2007

Flower Mound Peace Activist Dies

Whosplayin mourns the loss of local activist David Honish. Honish was a well-known member of the peace community in Denton County and a member of Peace Action Denton.

David had some advice for those shaking their heads at injustice.

People are alarmed by the massive erosion of our First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendment Rights by the patriot act. Felony wiretapping by the NSA being ignored by the Justice Department is a matter of concern. And of course, the oil corporations are the ONLY segment of the economy not being crippled by $3/gallon gasoline prices.

Well don't just talk about it America.

Get off your butts and into the streets to do something about it! Call and write your representatives so often that they know your phone number and address from memory. Write letters to your local papers, so that others in your communities know that they are not alone in their disgust with the current government.

The only way that the government shills for the oil corporations will stop killing our children for their profits, is if we refuse to allow it any longer.

David Honish Chapter 106 North Texas Veterans For Peace

Outrage alone won't end this war or stop the abuses of government power. It takes individuals like Honish with the courage and the commitment to step up and be heard. The progressive community has lost one of its own. The best way to honor his memory is for ten more to take his place. RIP

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