Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Race to the Bottom

Participants in Women’s Legislative Days, held in Austin in January, were introduced to a publication entitled "Texas on the Brink: How Texas Ranks Among the 50 States," issued by Senator Eliot Shapleigh, D-El Paso.

Several Texas blogs, including TexasKaos and the Houston Chronicle blog, have cited statistics from the report, but these facts bear repeating because they quantify our state’s race for the bottom.

Here are just a few statistics from the report:

  • Texas ranks 50th in the percentage of adults with a high school diploma
  • Texas SAT scores rank 47th
  • Texas ranks 44th in the percentage of women living above the poverty level
  • Texas is 1st in the number of job discrimination lawsuits
  • Texas is 5th in teenage birth rate
  • Texas ranks first in the percentage of uninsured children and adults
  • Texas ranks 44th in the percentage of eligible voters who vote
  • The most disturbing statistic from the report, however, is this: 45% of families in Texas earn poverty-level wages. Thus, we have the dubious distinction of being 2nd in the nation in income inequality between rich and poor.

    When John Edwards talks about two Americas—one for the rich, another for the poor—Texas illustrates his point. That’s surely nothing to brag about.


    jobsanger said...

    That is an incredible statistic - that 45% of families are below poverty level in income!

    Shows just how far the Republicans have gone in selling out our state to the corporations.

    While they pay ridiculously low salaries, the management divide up millions in bonuses.

    Bradley Bowen said...

    We should be ashamed of these numbers.

    Texans are a proud bunch: I wish we could use that Texas pride for good. Let's give ourselves something to be proud of!

    Anonymous said...

    Texans have muxh to do to get themselves off the botton of the heap and some issues can be resolved with votes. Unjust courts are certanly nothing to be proud of. Dallas Family Court Judge Marilea Lewis needs to be removed or voted off the bench. Her bias activities are exposed in comments on "How Crazy is this?" on Digdeepertexas. http://digdeepertexas.com/?s=how+crazy+is+this%3F "Injustice for one is injustice for all"

    Anonymous said...

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    Concerned Mom said...

    Dear Anonymous,

    I share your believes about Lewis, and would like to talk with you more indepthly concerning this judge. I have firsthand experience dealing with her and her biased/ twisted viewpoints that lead her to ignoring court appointed psychologists' findings and recommendations. I want to file a legitimate complaint against her, but would like to include others who have found themselves at her merciless mercy. Please contact me at: dalian_ch05@yahoo.com

    Together, we could bring true justice and hold her accountable.


    Sonia said...

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    Anonymous said...

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