Monday, April 16, 2007

who is emil reichstadt?

We don't know either.

But he's apparently ready to take on Sen. John Cornyn. Reichstadt is the first Democrat to throw his hat in the ring for the 2008 Senate nomination.

Here's a quick run-down of information gathered from Reichstadt's press release: Reichstadt is an Arkansas-born 58-year-old Democrat that once attended Southern Methodist University and knew Willis D. Tate. He is a former Army JAG officer (stationed in Germany during the '70s and '80s) who supports a strong military. He also supports bipartisanship and cleaning up the environment. He currently practices law in Dallas.

Sounds good, right? But who is he? I guess time will tell. Everybody's got to start somewhere, but it does seem odd that this guy's first foray into the political arena is a bid for his party's nomination to the United States Senate.

Could he really pull it off? It's going to take a lot of fundraising! He'll have to edge out bigger names that are being thrown around, if those campaigns come to fruition (i.e. Nick Lampson, Rick Noriega, Bill White). He may also face Barbara Ann Radnofsky, who ran against Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison in 2006, and may have her sights set on Cornyn's seat in 2008.

So, Emil. It's going to take more than an announcement. Show us what you've got.


Xanthippas said...

That's a fair assessment. I hope he does have more to show us.

Cindy Gwinn said...

Who is Emil Reichstadt? I have known Emil and his wife Shirley since we were all students at Southern Methodist University, and I can tell you that Emil is a man of the highest integrity and honor. He served our country with distinction as an Army lawyer, and has gained experience and depth since then serving his community in Dallas as a lawyer and involved citizen. I hope Emil succeeds in his run for the Texas Senate. He will be an outstanding choice.

cjg said...

Oh yeah, the U.S. Senate too.