Tuesday, July 31, 2007

NTL Welcomes Texas Cloverleaf

One of the more rewarding aspects of blogging is finding like-minded voices in the area. The DFW area could use a few more political blogs, and so it's exciting to be able to point to a recent addition to the lefty blogosphere.

The Texas Cloverleaf describes itself thusly.

The Texas Cloverleaf was a submission hold performed by a professional wrestler named Dean Malenko, which tied up his opponent’s legs, much like a clover. We are designed to be one of those lefty progressive Democratic type political blogs. We live in North Texas, so expect a lot of Dallas stuff. But we like the rest of the state, sometimes. Maybe even America. But don’t push us! Politics is like a Texas Cloverleaf. It takes you in different directions, and ultimately will make you tap out!

The latest post by Texas Cloverleaf examines the issue of building toll roads in the Trinity River project and notes that the 80,000 signatures collected is more than enough to put this on the November ballot. Sounds like Dallasites have another hot issue for the upcoming election.

And while its been around longer than we have, a blog that has come to our attention is the Caravan of Dreams. Written by Steve-O, it's not exclusively a political blog (Steve-O has some pretty eclectic tastes) but it has political posts and covers Fort Worth and vicinity. He did a write-up on a Lon Burnam breakfast that we missed until recently. Go check it out.

And one final note while we're highlighting DFW blogs - Marc at Marc's Miscellany could use a "get out of jail free card." Go help him out.

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Steve-O said...

Thank you kindly for the link. Please keep up the good work of bringing some blue into our very red state.