Tuesday, August 08, 2006

sore loserman and crazy cynthia

With nearly all precincts reporting and with Ned Lamont the apparent victor with nearly 52% of the vote, Senator Joe Lieberman conceded the Democratic primary race in Connecticut. Shunned by his Democratic constituents, he has vowed to make a run for his old Senate seat as an independent candidate. Lamont had accused Lieberman of being too close to the Republicans and cited his outspoken views in favor of the Iraq war. In the final throes of the primary battle, Lieberman's campaign site imploded. The campaign blamed Lamont supporters. Burnt Orange Report is drawing comparisons between Lieberman's independent bid and Carole Keeton Strayhorn's independent campaign in the gubernatorial race here in Texas.

Down in Georgia, it appears that Rep. Cynthia McKinney, "Bush's worst enemy," lost the Democratic primary runoff by a little less than 20% of the vote and won't be returning to Washington next year. Her opponent, Hank Johnson, accused McKinney of being an embarrassment to Georgia's 4th District and encouraged voters to pick a more moderate candidate. In March, McKinney had a scuffle with U.S. Capitol security when she wasn't wearing a pin that signified her as a congresswoman and the officer refused to let her enter the building. She cited racism, but the officer claimed not to recognize her. McKinney blamed losing the original primary on Republicans turning out to vote for Johnson. After briefly being unseated in 2002, she gave the same reason. Johnson's catch-phrase was "Anybody But Cynthia," and he promises to be a less divisive congressional figure. His detractors call him a Republican-funded Democrat. MSNBC analysis says that in the heavily-Democratic 4th District, the victorious Johnson is likely to win the seat in November.


StopKinky said...

Who is the Lieberman in the Texas gubernatorial election? Kinky has at least as good a claim to that title as Strayhorn.

Kinky has run for office in the past as a Republican, voted for Bush/Cheney in 2004, given an interview to Ruminator magazine confirming that he supported Bush's Iraq war, and has lied about voting for Gore in 2000 according to his public voting records.

If this were not enough evidence of Kinky's status as a latent Republican, Kinky's views on immigration and the separation of church and state are to the furthest right of all the other candidates.

Kinky promises to take "a harder line on immigration" than any of the other candidates and says the Tejano protesters
marching in favor of immigration reform were "half playing hooky" and that "I will divide the border into five jurisdictions, assigning one Mexican general to each and providing a trust fund for that general."

Kinky also promises "I am going to see non-denominational prayer and the Ten Commandments put back in the schools."

Texas has more than one Republican running for governor as an pseudo-"Independent."

Kinky is Awesome said...

Kinky is like Lieberman in that he knows when to leave a sinking ship.

On another excellent edition of Scarborough Country, Kinky came out in favor of Joe Lieberman leaving the Democratic Party and Kinky acknowledged that liberals aren't pro-America:

SCARBOROUGH: Hey, Kinky, could the argument be that both parties are extreme, vote for the new independent?

FRIEDMAN: That could certainly be. I think the mood of the country is really, really independent. I mean, I think the winds of change are really blowing right now. And all the—the way I see Lieberman, he's very—he's pro-America, unashamedly, and he's pro-Israel. And these liberals are not.

Amen, Kinky, amen!