Friday, September 01, 2006

An Interview with John McLeod

Whosplayin has another great interview up - this time with candidate for State Representative in District 64, John McLeod. Here's a sampling:

Whosplayin: You were the child of a Presbyterian minister. How does your faith guide you in your political beliefs? What do you say to those who think Republicans have the "corner on Christ?"

John McLeod: My Mother, Jobeth McLeod is a Presbyterian minister in Alpine, TX. I was actually talking to her last night and she is in the middle of planning a fundraiser and meet-and-greet for Chris Bell incidentally.

I don't think that I can separate my political beliefs and my spiritual beliefs enough to really say where one begins and the other ends. In my mind public service, servanthood, spirituality, and being a good Democrat were always the same thing. When I volunteer with a soup kitchen it's both because I believe we're are all God's children and it's my Christian duty to do so, but also because as a Democrat I believe that we have a mutual responsibility to support one another. To whom much is given, much is required. As to having a monopoly on God all I can only say is that no one can truly say that God is on their side, only that they are on God's side.

Whosplayin: This question, for the benefit of my father-in-law: Are you a "godless liberal" hell-bent taking away Texans' guns?

John McLeod: I like your father-in-law already. No, the vast majority of Texans, myself included, generally support maintaining the status quo in terms of firearms laws. I am also a gun owner, skeet shooter, and hunter. The only new gun law I'd consider at this point is restricting the Vice President from handling a firearm within a three mile radius of me.

It's a long and in-depth interview. Read it here, and if you're as impressed as I was, go on over and contribute to the McLeod campaign.

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