Wednesday, January 10, 2007

nominate the "texas ticket" for koufax awards

This post is lifted almost entirely from Capitol Annex. We echo their call to vote the "Texas Ticket" for the coveted Koufax Awards. Let's make our unique Texan voice heard by pitting our blogs against others in the national arena... we can do it!
Texas' progressive bloggers had a heck of a year in 2006. From TexRoots to exposing scandals like CondoGate, we "crashed the gate" and rocked the (Texas) House, helping Democrats up and down the ballot.

Now, it's our turn for a little recognition. Every year, the Koufax Awards honor work by the best bloggers of "the Left" (hence the award being named after a lefty baseball player, Sandy Kofax).

The Texas Progressive Alliance has, as a group, come up with a "Texas Ticket" that we are asking all of our readers to nominate for the Koufaxes. The "ticket" is below. Blogs with the most votes will make it into the second round of voting and we'd like to see Texas blogs up for the finals in every category of the Koufaxes.

Voting is easy. All you have to do is copy the list below and paste it into the comments section on the Koufax Awards site, which is here .

You can add additional blogs to this list as well, but we do ask, in the hopes of supporting Texas bloggers, that you vote this entire list, especially since all it requires is a "cut & paste."

Best Blog: Off The Kuff ( , Burnt Orange Report ( , Texas Kaos ( , Capitol Annex (

Best Blog -- Pro Division: The Agonist (

Best Blog Community: Texas Kaos (

Best Writing: Charles Kuffner, Off The Kuff (

Best Post: NTL's coverage of the Ft. Worth CWA Protest (

Best Series: Capitol Annex's Coverage Of The Renewal Of The Voting Rights Act (; Burnt Orange Report's 40/40 Project (; Musings's Coverage Of State Rep. John Davis' $1,500 Boots (& Various ethical problems) (

Best Single Issue Blog: Grits For Breakfast (

Best Group Blog: Burnt Orange Report (

Most Humorous Blog: People's Republic of Seabrook ( , McBlogger (

Most Humorous Post: McBlogger (, Burnt Orange Report: ( )

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition: McBlogger (, Musings (

Best Consonant Level Blog: Capitol Annex (, McBlogger (, Musings ( , Bay Area Houston Blog (, Eye On Williamson County (

Best Expert Blog: Grits For Breakfast ( , A Capitol Blog (

Best New Blog: North Texas Liberal (, Texas Kaos (, Musings (

Best Human Equality Blog: Dos Centavos (

Best Coverage of State or Local Issues: Burnt Orange Report (, Eye On Williamson County (, Capitol Annex (, Off The Kuff (

Best Commenter: The Pretzel, Texas Kaos (
We at NTL are excited and honored to be a part of this diverse Texas ticket in the "Best New Blog" category. Please consider nominating our blog along with these other greats from the Texas progressive blogosphere.

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