Thursday, February 01, 2007

ntl remembers molly ivins

Molly Ivins, likely the most beloved Texan of our time (at least among we progressives), passed away yesterday at the age of 62. She ended a long battle with breast cancer.

Hailing from Austin, Ivins became successful as a reporter and as a best-selling author and political commentator. Later in her career, she became a wildly popular newspaper columnist. Her numerous awards include the David Brower award for journalism from the Sierra Club, the Pringle Prize for Washington Journalism from Columbia University, the Eugene V. Debs Award in the field of journalism, and election to the Academy of Arts and Sciences. She says of all her accolades, though, one of her favorites is getting banned from the campus of Texas A&M University.

Via Texas Kaos, here's the statement released by Speaker Nancy Pelosi:
"Molly Ivins' biting commentary and fierce wit contributed mightily to the political debate in our nation. Through her more than 40 years as both a political observer and national conscience, she exposed the low points of corruption and the high points of dedicated public service - always with good humor.

"Never wavering in her commitment to populist ideals, she was a courageous voice for peace and opportunity. Molly Ivins faced her final battle with cancer with the optimism and dignity that has always been her signature.

"I hope it is a comfort to her family and friends that so many people share their loss and are praying for them at this sad time."
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Also be sure to read Molly's final column: Stand Up Against the Surge. And heed her advice.


Anonymous said...

The USA is a safer place with Molly's passing... although sincere - she was extremely misguided, and did countless damage to the country she professed to love [sic]...

We are ALL better off without her vitriolic diatribes continually destroying the fibre of our country and constitution.

You will NOT be missed by everyone!

Bradley said...

Maria, it's pretty tasteless that you tacked something like that on to what is basically an obituary for someone that recently passed away. Your own vitriolic diatribe was obviously spurred by the fact that you disagree with Molly's liberal politics... applauding someone's death over that is disgusting. If you'll recall (or check our records), this blog was nothing but respectful about the death of Gerald Ford, someone we disagreed with on many political issues.

We'll appreciate if when replying again at this site, you'll use better judgment.

boadicea said...

Maria, it's a probability you can't be shamed since your standards are so low.

However, let's take a look at this rationally.

You may disagree with her views, nonetheless, in decent company it's considered unseemly to speak ill of the dead.

I hope you will be missed by half as many people as will celebrate their memories of Ms. Ivin's wit, sagacity, and generosity.

If you are, you will have had a life well led indeed.