Friday, August 10, 2007

Wendy Davis Officially Declares for SD 10

The FWST reports that Wendy Davis has resigned her position as Fort Worth councilwoman and plans to run for Texas State Senate District 10.

City Councilwoman Wendy Davis resigned Thursday night, announcing that she plans to challenge veteran state lawmaker Kim Brimer for his state Senate seat in 2008.

Davis has represented District 9 since 1999.

She is chief executive of the Fort Worth division of Republic Title.

Davis will run as a Democrat. Brimer is a Republican.

In a tearful speech, Davis told her council colleagues that she feels compelled to fight special interests in Austin.

"Texas is ready for change," she said. "The partnership in Austin is badly broken."

Davis will join Art Brender, another possible challenger to the seat. And at least one of them already has a fan.

Capitol Annex , Burnt Orange Report, Job's Anger and Caravan of Dreams have more. Also, Lone Star Project deconstructs Brimer's response to their recent poll.

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