Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Texas Supreme Court Dismisses Challenge to Davis

Vince Leibowitz at Capital Annex is reporting that the court challenge filed by three firefighters against Wendy Davis' run for Senate District 10 has been denied by the Texas Supreme Court.

.....the Court denied the motion of some Fort Worth firefighters challenging former City Councilman Wendy Davis’ candidacy under resign-to-run laws, instead essentially dropping the ball back to the regional appellate court.

This is good news for Davis. But what's next?
QuorumReport.com says the Supreme Court simply indicated that because there was time, the more appropriate venue was the local Court of Appeals. Latham said that Davis’ name will appear on the ballot for the March 4 primary.

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Anonymous said...

Check Star-Telegram blog...2nd Court of Appeals will hold hearing on the 23rd to decide Davis eligability issue. My guess, and thats what it is, is Wendy is toast..appeals to Supremes and they agree with lower court ruling. Who takes her place???