Thursday, February 21, 2008

Clinton and Obama Face Off in Austin Debate Tonight

The moment we've been waiting for has arrived. Let's get ready to rumble.

The candidates have descended upon Texas. Sen. Hillary Clinton visited South Texas yesterday while Sen. Barack Obama held a rally in Dallas. We reported that Chelsea Clinton, Hillary's daughter, attended town hall style meetings at several college campuses around North Texas.

But now it's time for the real showdown: Hillary and Barack are headed to Austin to face off in the first presidential debate to be held in Texas in over a million years. (Seriously, they're paying attention to us. They love us. Hopefully it lasts!)

Texas voters, don't forget to tune in your television sets to see the candidates square off on the issues that are most important to us. The debate will be broadcast on both CNN and Univision at 7 p.m. Texas time. And after you watch the debate tonight, make some time tomorrow to vote early.

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Anonymous said...

Before you vote, please make sure YOU know your candidate.

If you take time to fill in the blanks that most of mainstream media leaves out, you'll learn that Obama has been 'missing in action' for a lot of things because he's been too busy inflating his presidential suit:

He was 'missing in action' ...

- from his own state legislative record in Illinois. His entire record was created in ONE YEAR's time, facilitated by Emil Jones Jr.
- from leadership in a host of critical community issues in his own district in Chicago during his State Senate years
original article:

- by failing in his chairmanship of a Senate subcommittee on Europe to hold a hearing on NATO's presence in Afghanistan

- from a Senate vote last year on a nonbinding resolution in that labeled the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization (Clinton voted for the measure and faced heat from Obama and other Democratic rivals for supporting a measure pushed by the Bush administration.)

- at the Black State of the Union address in New Orleans last week
Obama takes heat for skipping State of the Black Union

"Obama has spent his entire political career trying to win the next step up. Every three years, he has aspired to a more powerful political position."