Monday, March 24, 2008

2008 Denton County Democratic Convention

Dear Fellow Democrats:


After an astonishing primary (54,000 Democratic Voters!!!) it is now time to have our Denton County Democratic Party County Convention. Our party has grown by over 1000 percent since the last primary. Yes, I said 1000 percent! The result is that we have outgrown all facilities in Denton County.

Our County Convention will be held in the Quakertown/Civic Center Park located in Denton, Texas, March 29, 2008 beginning with registration at 8:30 and the convention lasting until 4:00 p.m. Because we are a party of unity and inclusion, we must now all pitch in to host the largest political convention ever held in history of Denton County and we need your help. Many of you have already stepped forward and the Party we is grateful for your efforts.

We need volunteers for greeters, information distribution, contacting of delegates, facility operation, packet construction, computers and many other positions. If you can help with any positions you should immediately contact Barbara Edward at or call the County Headquarters at (940) 566-1165. (Don't ask for Jace, he's had a rough week.) We will be glad to direct you to the area of your interest.

We also need donations to defray the costs of the convention. We estimate the convention will cost approximately $12,000.00 and we are well on our way to this goal for having a first rate convention thanks to the donations of money and equipment by members of the party. We also want our convention to be environmentally friendly by carpooling, (not to mention the savings on parking space). Donations should be made payable to the Denton County Democratic Party.

So, bring your most comfortable lawn chair (no tree swings, please), a blanket to relax for the afternoon and enjoy the music, and your energized Democratic Spirit for a time to showcase our Party as we make our way to the State Convention in June and Victory in November.

Your County Chair,
Neil L. Durrance

Note from North Texas Liberal: The cost of the convention works out to a little more than $100 per precinct. We need every good Democrat to step up and do his or her part. To see a breakdown of the costs, go to Castle Hills Democrats. To contribute online, go here. To send a check, download this form. To contribute via PayPal, click here. Come to Quakertown Park this Saturday, meet your fellow Democrats and be a part of history.

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