Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Art Brender Weighing SD 10 Candidacy

From bloggers blank and Todd Hill at BOR, the Texas State Senate District 10 will likely have a challenger to oppose Republican incumbent Kim Brimer.

Two possible names are being suggested as potential Democratic challengers. The first is Art Brender, currently chairman of the Tarrant County Democratic Party. A second person rumored to be interested is Wendy Davis, a Fort Worth City Councilmember in District 9.

This report from the FWST confirms Brender's interest in the seat, but leaves Wendy Davis' intentions up in the air.

Word has it that a couple of local Democrats are considering challenging Republican state Sen. Kim Brimer for the District 10 Senate seat next year.

Tarrant County Democratic Party Chairman Art Brender, busy gearing up a slate of local candidates for next year's elections, said he is considering making that bid himself.

"I'm looking at it real hard just in light of the changing demographics in that Senate district," said Brender, a Fort Worth lawyer.

And speculation is swirling that Fort Worth City Councilwoman Wendy Davis may be debating the same thing. She declined to comment.

Brimer's district covers about half of Tarrant County, including Fort Worth, Benbrook, Mansfield and part of Arlington. Brimer won the seat in 2002 with 59 percent of the vote.

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