Monday, August 13, 2007

why we still love wendy davis

Wendy Davis may have some skeletons in her closet, and we aren't just talking about the readers of Fort Worth Weekly voting her "Most Likely to Sell Grandma to the Highest Bidder" back in 2002.

After resigning her position on the Fort Worth City Council and declaring her intentions to run for SD-10 against unpopular and unethical Republican Kim Brimer, eager politicos have started to examine her past political contributions. Apparently, she even gave money to George W. Bush in 1999.

Caravan of Dreams notes that contributions to Republicans may help her with a suburban audience, since instead of representing downtown Fort Worth, her district would encompass Grapevine and Southlake. She looks like less of a partisan than the other name being tossed around: Art Brender. Brender is the current chairman of the Tarrant County Democratic Party. But will her nonpartisan past hurt her reputation with the Democratic base?

Brender has already taken some shots at Davis. After announcing that she voted in the 2006 Democratic primary, he reportedly said "I believe like Harry Truman if you run a Republican against a Republican, the Republicans will win every time."

There are two types of people that can't understand why a Democrat would vote in the Republican primary: people that live in blue states and Democratic county chairs.

In the reddest of Republican suburbs in North Texas, some Democrats have been tempted to vote in the Republican primary in order to have a say in who will actually represent them. In many areas, there weren't even Democratic candidates on the ballot. One prime example is in Flower Mound, where Tan Parker and Anne Lakusta faced off in a run-off election for Texas House District 63. The race was irresistible to even some hardcore Democrats that couldn't stand to be represented by the Bush-loving Parker. That race was decided in the primary, because no Democrat stepped up to run for the seat. (Unfortunately, Parker went on to win the election, anyway.)

The truth is that it shouldn't matter. Davis is, from most accounts, a tried and true Democrat. As a councilmember, she remained nonpartisan, which is expected. But her donations, while some need an explanation, show that she supports Democrats. She has recently given campaign cash to Hillary Clinton. She even donated money to Art Brender himself!

One commenter on Burnt Orange Report described Davis this way:
Fair taxes, economic development in the inner city, no school vouchers, pro-choice, solid on GLBT issues, inclusive of minorities, against cutting off access to the courts via tort reform, an advocate for clean air and public transportation, sounds like Wendy Davis is a fine Democrat.
Obviously, Davis' record speaks for itself.

Also consider these glowing endorsements from her fellow council members, via FWST:

Council members praised Davis' service on the council, emphasizing her work on economic development issues.

"She has been at the forefront of many economic deals that have benefited Fort Worth," Councilman Sal Espino said. "And she brings to public life that unique perspective of someone who has worked hard to get where she is at."

Mayor Mike Moncrief said Davis fights for what she believes.

"You have done a masterful job," he said. "You are not afraid to shed a tear every now and then, and you are concerned for the least of us in the city as well as the most."

Councilwoman Kathleen Hicks said Davis has worked hard on issues throughout the city.

"Not only the work you've done in your district, but the work you've done in southeast Fort Worth has challenged me," Hicks said.

Wendy Davis is our best shot at taking back SD-10 from a fund-funneling Republican that has got to go. And if calling her a "DINO" is the best that her primary opposition can do, she has a pretty good shot.


Anonymous said...

I'd say CONTRIBUTING to GWB is a pretty good indicator that Ms. Davis is anything but a "tried and true" Democrat. LOL

Bradley Bowen said...

Sorry, but in 1999 none of us knew what a hot mess GWB would become..

Anonymous said...

If she is that easily fooled then I think we can find a candidate with a better sense of people and policy.

Anonymous said...

George Bush hoodwinked most of America and you'd be hard-pressed to find any support for Bush or his ilk in Wendy's voting record and council activity since Bush's true colors came to light.

Don't be so closed minded and unforgiving - leave that to the republicans.

Anonymous said...

Does Wendy Davis still want to get everyone out of their automobiles? I agree Kim is terrible, and despite the repubs mantra of not raising taxes, Brimer supported Rick Perry's tax increases.

Never heard of Art, but Wendy Davis NO. Kim Brimer HELL NO!

Anonymous said...

It just depends which Wendy shows up on any given day, the Wendy who is smart who can really graple with all aspects of public policy, or the other Wendy who can't help but kiss powerful people's ass to advance her own self interest without a thought for ramifications to ordinary families.

Charlotte said...

This is gorgeous!