Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Low Polls for Kim Brimer in SD 10

The latest polls on Texas State Senate District 10 show why the race might be drawing some serious contenders in next year's election. (See yesterday's post.) Numbers from the Lone Star Project indicate Republican incumbent Kim Brimer could be vulnerable to the right challenger.

A recent Lone Star Project poll reveals that Republican State Senator Kim Brimer has squandered almost 20 years in public office to remain largely unknown in his own backyard. With little to show for his time in Austin other than negative press accounts detailing questionable ethics, Brimer is clearly vulnerable to an adequately funded mainstream challenger. Without question, Tarrant County activists currently considering a challenge to Brimer are on solid ground (see story here).

The Lone Star Project commissioned the respected polling firm Opinion Analysts to conduct a survey of Texas Senate District 10 to help determine the viability of a challenge to incumbent Republican State Senator Kim Brimer. (see methodology below) The poll confirms earlier Lone Star Project vote analysis indicating underlying strength for a Democratic challenger and surprising weakness by the incumbent Brimer.

Among the more surprising results, 50 percent of the people polled had never even heard of Brimer.

Earlier this year, Charles Kuffner had some interesting statistics on the SD 10 race.
[Brimer's] district is entirely within Tarrant County, which is the one major urban county to remain a Republican stronghold (though that's gradually weakening), so it hadn't occurred to me to look there. But by every measure, Brimer is the Republican Senator in the bluest district.
Kuff includes some tantalizing data from previous races to make his case. Check it out. Tarrant County may not be ready to mirror Dallas' election successes yet, but winning back a senate seat would be a great start.

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