Saturday, September 22, 2007

move on, senator betray us

In a post on Thursday, we told you of Sen. John Cornyn's sense of the Senate resolution that would condemn liberal organization for running an ad in The New York Times that used wordplay to ask if General David Petraeus was really "General Betray Us."

Democratic rival Rick Noriega, who plans to challenge Sen. Cornyn for his seat in 2008, had this to say about Cornyn's political theatre:
Yesterday, he voted against restoring the Constitution’s basic right of habeas corpus. Yesterday, he voted against the Webb-Hagel amendment, legislation that would have provided a safety net for our troops, requiring that they spend as much time at home with their families as they spend deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan. And today? He’s wasting the Senate’s and the people’s time by introducing a resolution about’s ad!
That's right, Cornyn voted against the Webb-Hagel amendment. Now who doesn't support the troops? MoveOn should run an ad in The Dallas Morning News outing "Senator Betray Us" as the chickenhawk that he is. How dare the Senator waste the Senate's time by introducing his resolution of condemnation in an effort to save face for his buddy Petraeus, all the while voting against real legislation that would support the troops?

Please donate to Rick Noriega and Mikal Watts today. Maybe next session, our Senator won't make the state of Texas look like a joke.

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