Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We missed it earlier, but TxSharon at Bluedaze has a post up covering September's meeting of Project Farm Team. The mission of the farm team is to encourage, support and train Democratic candidates to run for public office in Denton County.

The farm team speaker's this month was Vince Leibowitz. Vince is a professional writer and political strategist who owns Capitol Annex, a political weblog dedicated to Texas news and politics. As a longtime Democratic activist and the former County Chairman of the Democratic Party of Van Zandt County, Vince understands the challenges facing democratic candidates in this state.

Vince shared his experiences and vision for the political netroots in Texas.
Leibowitz also spoke about strategies to increase participation on the country level, and how to get important information to voters. One of his suggestion was that each precinct have its own blog to help distribute information.
For more information, or to join the farm team, click here.


Hill said...

Dem candidates in Denton County.

How I love the sound of that!


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