Tuesday, September 25, 2007

rick noriega comes to unt

Via WhosPlayin:

State Rep. Rick Noriega, Candidate for United States Senate, is coming to the University of North Texas on Tuesday, September 25 in an event co-hosted by The College Democrats and UNT LULAC council #4789. The event will start at 7:00 in the Lyceum with a presentation on the Dream Act, a bill that State Rep. Noriega wrote while he was in the the Texas House.

At 8:00, Noriega will begin his speech, informing campus students as to why he should be the next senator from the state of Texas. A Question and Answer session will follow, so you can find out his position on almost any issue.

This will be a hot race next fall, so use this opportunity to learn about the candidate so you can have an informed voice when you vote.

*LULAC is a non-partisan organization that has not endorsed any candidate for political office

Joseph Vogus
President of the College Democrats of North Texas

If you're in North Texas, you should definitely check this event out. We have a chance to break Sen. Cornyn's stranglehold on Texas next fall, and this might just be the guy to help us do it.

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