Tuesday, November 06, 2007

early voting results: flower mound, southlake, carrollton and more

The early vote totals from today's elections have been released. You can view full early voting results at the Dallas Morning News site.

Early voters in Flower Mound passed all of the propositions on their ballots, including crime reduction programs, street maintenance, and emergency services.

Southlake's early voters handily denied a proposition to impose term limits on the mayor and city council members. Alternately, they passed four other measures.

In Carrollton, all seven propositions were passed by early voters. The measures were primarily concerned with improving the city's infrastructure as well as economic development.

Coppell decided on two measures: one involving crime reduction and the other street improvements. The early voters there passed both measures.

Richardson's propositions all had to do with the city council: term limits, public meetings, etc. All three propositions passed by early voting totals.

More info coming soon...

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