Tuesday, November 06, 2007

star-telegram predicts runoff in district 97

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram thinks a runoff election is likely in the race to replace retired State Rep. Anna Mowery, a Republican, in District 97. According to early voting totals, Democrat Dan Barrett is in the lead in that race with 32 percent of the vote.
Fort Worth attorney Bob Leonard, who held the seat before Ms. Mowery, was second after early voting with 22 percent of the votes. Pediatrician Mark M. Shelton was third with 19 percent, and Craig Goldman, a former aide to retired U.S. Sen. Phil Gramm, was fourth with 16 percent. Jeff Humbert, Chris Hatch and James Schull each received 5 percent or less of the early votes cast.
Yeah, depending on what the final numbers look like, we may be looking at a runoff election. Congrats to Dan, though! He's got a ten point advantage over his next closest competitor.

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