Wednesday, November 07, 2007

trinity parkway will proceed as planned

Via Capitol Annex, we learn that "with all but a handful of Dallas precincts counted late Tuesday, a ballot measure to kill the high-speed highway inside the Trinity River levees was losing by a 53-47 margin."

We reported earlier that the early voting totals indicated this result, but now it's official.

The much-maligned and oft-discussed Trinity toll road will proceed, per the voters of Dallas.

Update: View a DMN video here of Council Member Angela Hunt of the "Vote Yes" camp conceding defeat and pledging to hold the mayor and his supporters accountable for each of the promises made about the project.

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Anonymous said...

My hope is that gas shoots to $5.50 a gallon, the toll fees rise to about the same, and the North Dallas nutjobs who thought a TOLLWAY running along a RIVER was a good idea will be nickeled and dimed to death via their commutes.

It will happen and it will be fun to watch.