Wednesday, June 07, 2006

blogosphere roundup

I figured it was due time for another roundup of the extensive political blogosphere. Here are some excellent and recent blogs from both a local, state, and national level:
  1. In the Pink Texas reports on the widespread hysteria surrounding yesterday's date: June 6, 2006, otherwise known as 06/06/06 (or 666, "the devil's number").
  2. Capitol Annex blogged an endorsement of Glen Maxey for Texas Democratic Party State Chairman.
  3. At Burnt Orange Report, a blogger links to radio interviews with TDP Chair candidates Boyd Richie and Glen Maxey.
  4. Right of Texas disagrees with Kinky Friedman's newest outlined goals.
  5. The Stop Kinky! blog contends that Kinky Friedman is no Jesse Ventura.
  6. Pink Dome reports that White House Press Secretary Tony Snow thinks anti-gay marriage legislation is tantamount to civil rights legislation (but he can't defend that view when pressed).
  7. The Gonzo Muckraker gives the scoop on Robert Kennedy, Jr.'s assessment of 2004's stolen presidential election.
  8. At The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington accuses the right of sweeping Katrina under the rug for political reasons.
  9. At Dallas Blog, Scott Bennett editorializes on Dallas Mayor Laura Miller and what he considers her somewhat flawed view of the city.
  10. Grits for Breakfast reports on the abject conditions of some Houston area prisons largely due to overcrowding.


Kinky is Awesome said...

Give Kinky a break!

This election will come down to a choice between Kinky and Perry.


Because the "Mean-Old-Granny" Strayhorn can't beat Perry with Republican voters and there aren't enough liberals in Texas to elect "DeLay-is-the-Devil" Bell.

I been looking at Perry's TV ad and it don't add up to me. Although I'm not generally a fan of the Lone Star Project, those fellas have all day to research, and they also applied their b"11$#!+ detector to Perry's ad and came to the same conclusion as me.

Perry's ad says "The average homeowner will receive a two thousand dollar tax cut."
Truth is an average home will get about $150 in property taxes in the first year.

Perry's ad says "We closed corporate loopholes."
Truth is banks, insurance, real estate, and mining companies got $1 billion in new loopholes.

Perry's ad says he's "protecting our job climate. The best in the nation."
Truth is the Texas job climate is 38th from best (worse than Oklahoma, yikes!).

Bradley said...

If Kinky weren't in the race and it were an election between Strayhorn, Bell, and Perry, then Bell could pull it off. Strayhorn has a big following and she's guaranteed to pull off some of the Republican/conservative vote.