Wednesday, June 21, 2006

the fight for the venue, 2008

In the June 19 edition of The New York Observer, Matthew Schuerman reports on New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's recent schmoozing with members of the Democratic National Committee in an attempt to secure New York as the venue for the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

New York is a safe bet, considering that they successfully hosted the Republicans in 2004 and have hosted the Democrats on other occasions. The Big Apple is also a liberal bastion full of Democratic donors ready to empty their pockets for a worry-free convention. Jonathan Tisch, the chairman of the city's tourism bureau, proclaims that New York City has the "track record" and that he and Robert Rubin, a Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton, could raise $70 million from private contributors to foot the bill.

Schuerman notes, however, that the decision is not made by the party elite; instead, DNC Chairman Howard Dean will make the final call. Dean is a New York native, but this article reminds us that he is promoting a fifty-state strategy. Would Dean be sticking to his "No State Left Behind" values by holding his convention in a tried-and-true blue state?

Other cities that want to hold the convention include New Orleans, Denver, and Minneapolis. DNC members will visit Minneapolis and Denver next week, but a trip to New Orleans has not been planned yet. Denver is the most likely choice, what with their spacious new convention center arena and hotel. Denver also fits into Dean's fifty-state strategy. Though Democrats are making strides in Colorado, the state still went to Bush in 2004.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is the sentimental choice. The city doesn't seem to be gaining a lot of momentum with its bid, but it's most likely on Dean's shortlist considering it fits into his fifty-state strategy. It's a place where Democrats stand to do well, despite previous voting history (and the fact that Louisiana is a Bush red state).

For detailed and up-to-date information concerning the fight for the venue and any news pertaining to the convention, visit the 2008 Democratic Convention Watch blog. The blog covers and analyzes news stories on the convention as they appear.

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