Wednesday, December 06, 2006

texan of the year: carolyn boyle/parent pac

Carolyn Boyle & Parent PAC

AUSTIN - The Texas Progressive Alliance has named Carolyn Boyle and Texas Parent PAC as its "Texan of the Year" for 2006.

The Alliance announced Boyle's selection on Wednesday following several days of discussion and voting among writers, editors and owners of some of the state's most prominent and often read progressive political blogs.

Boyle and Texas Parent PAC were among more than 40 individuals and organizations initially nominated for the honor by the bloggers. The race for Texan of the Year was very close due to the many influential organizations and candidates that played a role in Texas politics during 2006. Other finalists who were neck-and-neck with Boyle and the Parent PAC included the Dallas County Democratic Party (for their transformation of the political landscape in Dallas County) and State Rep.-elect Juan Garcia (D-Corpus Christi), for the high quality campaign he waged leading to his defeat of Rep. Gene Seaman (R-Corpus Christi) in a tough district.

The selection of Boyle and Texas Parent PAC recognizes the tremendous impact both Boyle--individually--and the PAC had on Texas politics in 2006.

Texas Parent PAC was founded in 2005 by Boyle, a former public relations executive who is well-known inthe Texas Capitol as an advocate for Texas public schools.

Read the entire press release from the Texas Progressive Alliance at Capitol Annex. NTL congratulates Boyle and the Parent PAC for the distinguished honor.

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