Thursday, December 07, 2006

Why You Really Should Have Voted for Radnofsky

Texas, you had your chance. You could have elected an intelligent, intellectually honest lawmaker who was dedicated to ending the conflict in Iraq. Instead, you voted Kay Bailey Hutchison back in office by a wide margin.

As further proof of the folly of that vote, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram offers us reactions from Texas politicians to the much-hailed Iraq Study Group Report. In a sidebar beside an article headlined "Panel concludes Bush's war policies have largely failed," Senator Hutchison offers this assessment:
Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison: "A well-thought-out report. ... Having the Arab countries step up to the plate is a very good suggestion. I do not think it was in any way a repudiation [of the Bush administration's policy]....."
This is the woman that Republicans are kicking around as a possible Vice Presidential nominee. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

Don't let being sore that Kay won make you lose your brain regarding Radnofsky. Radnofsky was only viable because she was liberal and the press gave her the time of day. She is, I think, mentally unstable. Kay, for whatever your politics, is a centrist. There are as many conservatives that love her as moderates.. Barbara was no viable contender. She was unstable, mean, frustrated and demonstrated some eerie traits that indicate she views herself in a very elevated, bizzare way. I predict she will either try to be a lobbyist or run for mayor of Houston. Surely, the future Democrat candidates for statewide office will be unintimidated by her poor performance in comimg in 9th place in Democrat votes statewide.

Anonymous said...

When is KB going to be let in on the secret that Iran is not an "Arab country".

Bradley said...

Can you offer proof in your belief that Radnofsky was "unstable?" I met the woman on several occasions and I have no idea what you're talking about. If you think she was out of touch because she thought she could actually win, well that's every longshot candidate, don't you think? But other than that, I can't see what you mean, and a statement like that really needs to have some sort of justification in my opinion.