Friday, July 27, 2007

Karen Guerra to Run for 16th District Court Judge

A Denton County attorney from Carrollton has declared for the 16th District Court. From the Carrollton Star Leader:

Karen Guerra, prominent local attorney, announced this week that she is seeking election as Judge of the 16th District Court in Denton County. Mrs. Guerra has been an attorney for almost 18 years and currently operates a private law practice in Carrollton, Texas. She is board certified as a specialist in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. In her announcement, she pledged to work hard for the citizens of Denton County as the 16th District Court Judge.

“The district courts are vitally important to our citizens, since they are the primary trial courts in Texas. District courts handle felony criminal cases, family law cases, suits for title to land, and large civil cases. I have extensive experience in the types of cases that come before the District Court,” Guerra stated. “We need judges with experience in all areas of the law. The citizens of Denton County want judges who will be fair and impartial and who will make rulings based on the evidence and the applicable laws. I will be such a judge. I am committed to making a positive improvement in the administration of justice in that Court.”

.....She went on to say, “It is time for a change. I recognize that in Denton County, I may be considered an outsider of the current political establishment. But I believe this is an advantage, since a judge is to be fair and impartial. More importantly, most informed voters in Denton County vote for the individual who is best qualified for the job, regardless of party affiliation.”

Karen Guerra has been married to fellow attorney John Guerra for 33 years. Their son, Johnny and his wife Michelle, recently blessed the Guerras with their second grandchild.

Ms. Guerra will run against the Republican incumbent Carmen Rivera-Worley in the November 2008 general election.

Whoplayin has the press release.

To learn more about the eminently qualified Ms. Guerra, visit her website. To contribute to the campaign, click here.

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