Thursday, April 10, 2008

guess who's coming to town?

Well, it's official. Laura announced today that they're definitely coming back to Dallas after George finishes his second term.

"I guess I can announce this in front of the press,” Mrs. Bush said at a National Parks Foundation event at Williams Preparatory school in Dallas.

“President Bush and I will be moving back to Dallas, which is where we lived," she said. "After 14 years away, we’re excited about having the chance to live here.”

I guess we'll be seeing them around soon enough. Any thoughts as to what they'll do with their days?


Anonymous said...

Ugh...can the city council pass a law against them moving here or something? Maybe some sort of zoning ordinance? Or perhaps there's already a law on the books banning the dumping of toxic waste within the city limits? I think Bush qualifies as toxic waste, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Big Tex, I completely agree with you. He certainly does qualify as toxic...