Thursday, April 10, 2008

why condi could be the dems' worst nightmare

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has suggested that she doesn't have political aspirations after the Bush administration comes to a close. Rice has said that she will "happily go back to Stanford" University where she is a tenured professor and former provost.

"It's not in my genes," Rice says of elected politics, adding that she didn't even run for high school president.

That's fair, but Republican strategist Dan Senor has said that Rice is running a behind-the-scenes campaign to be tapped as John McCain's vice presidential nominee.

And now, a Marist College poll says that a McCain-Rice ticket would win in November.

No matter who was at top, if Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama shared the Democratic ticket, they would still lose to McCain and Rice in... wait for it... New York.

Rice and State Department spokespeople have attempted to put the rumors to rest, insisting that Rice is not engaging in this behind-the-scenes business. But even if she isn't seeking the number two spot, perhaps after these polls... she will be sought.

So, let's discuss... will she or won't she?


Anonymous said...

"Marist College poll"

Are you an idiot or what?

Bradley said...

Nope, not an idiot... what's wrong with Marist College? The poll is in conjunction with WNBC, and CNN obviously takes it somewhat seriously. But who knows about the polls now, they change every day.

I'm not saying that McCain-Rice would win, I'm just reporting what's been said. It's interesting, instead of personal attacks why don't you share your opinion on a McCain-Rice ticket?

Anonymous said...

My guess is that she probably won't accept the VP nomination, but if she does, I think we can still beat a McCain/Rice ticket. Whoever McCain's running mate is, they deserve extra scrutiny, because McCain may not even complete his term of office, and even if he does he might take a pass on running for reelection. My guess is that the person he picks will be someone he sees as being his successor.

Once our own nomination is settled, we can come together and focus on hitting McCain and whoever his running mate is, hard and where it hurts. And as inextricably linked as Condi is with the worst president & administration in American history, I think she would hurt McCain more than help him.

m4e5tr0 said...

I think that Condolezza Rice would be a horrible mistake for McCain (or anyone)to choose as running mate. She would be an easy target for attacks on the foreign policy of the current adminstration. And why not attack her? After all she is right behind Cheney and Rumsfeld in culpability for huge, and unmistakably anti-American, foreign policy gaffes and the erosion of the civil rights of Americans. I'd love for McCain to choose her! If McCain chose Colin Powell, then you start to have a value-add for the Repubs in the general. After the Powell was suckered into the UN speech that made him the laughing-stock of the world, however, I doubt Powell would accept.