Tuesday, September 23, 2008

are you serious? (brimer-davis battle headed to the big d)

We only thought it was over.

As it turns out, it's only changed venue.
Attorneys are set to make oral arguments before the 5th Court of Appeals in Dallas on Oct. 2 at 1 p.m. on whether former Fort Worth Councilwoman Wendy Davis is ineligible to run against Republican state Sen. Kim Brimer.

Oral arguments had been scheduled here in Fort Worth last week until the Supreme Court of Texas moved the case to the Dallas appeals court last week after 2nd Court of Appeals Chief Justice John Cayce asked that it be moved to Dallas.

Since the case was still up in the air after the August deadline, Davis' name will remain on the ballot no matter what happens in the Dallas appeal. But should Brimer emerge victorious in the newest round, Davis would not be able to hold the seat even were she to win the election. Instead, the seat would remain vacant and would be subject to special election.

We're getting pretty tired of Brimer's sad attempts to get rid of his opponent before the election is even held. Brimer: stop the dirty tricks and let the people be heard. If the voters want to keep you, they will. What are you so scared of?

You can help the Wendy Davis campaign stand up to Republican scare tactics by making a generous donation to her campaign today.

Kim Brimer is only offering more of the same. It's obvious that he wants to play as dirty as he can in the election, so why would we trust him afterward? Come November, we're voting for change.


Anonymous said...

How could you think it was over???Brimer lost in first case, appealed asked it be heard quickly by Supreme Court, they turned down that request saying there was time for case to go through regular process. It was sent to Appeals Court in Tarrant County and that Court asked for it to be moved to Dallas. That Dallas Court set this date.

One good thing Davis knows the way to Dallas, she's heading over there to John Edwards mistresses sugar daddy for a 10,000 fundraiser.

Anonymous said...

Anon...I know I will be in minority but I think Brimer wins next week. I have read the case and the city charter. Heck even her campaign spokesman Bernie has a comment on his old campaign web site when he is running for her Council seat that says he still considered her a "Council member". Either way when the TIFT stories and the title work her company did comes out she's history. Sign me Anon too...I am much too close.