Friday, September 05, 2008

karl rove's vp hypocrisy

Republican strategists and pundits such as Karl Rove and Bill O'Reilly have been yet again exposed by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

Watch the segment in which Rove belittles Gov. Tim Kaine, who at the time was a potential VP pick for Barack Obama, for his lack of experience, and then turn around praise Gov. Sarah Palin, whose qualifications are similar to Kaine's. Stewart also shows a clip of O'Reilly telling his viewers that Palin's daughter Bristol's pregnancy is a private matter, yet blaming pop star Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy on the parents at an earlier date.

It's very funny, and very telling. "The most outrageous double standards you've ever seen" abound in Washington, and thank God Jon Stewart is there to keep them honest.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly!! Makes me question WHY doesn't MSM do the same as the Daily Show!! Are they just too lazy? Or are they afraid of being called 'biased;? Not really sure, but it certainly highlights the poor job MSM is doing. Politicians and pundits can lie, contradict themselves or say anything they want and MSM does not report it.