Wednesday, May 03, 2006

new german car gets 157 mpg

If you haven't heard the buzz, a new German car called Loremo is being premiered at the Motor Show 2006 in Geneva. This ultra-efficient car will get a whopping 157 miles per gallon. This lightweight sports car is being called "the car of the future." It will be available for purchase in 2009.

Can you imagine owning a car that got nearly 160 miles per gallon? The current gas prices wouldn't even cause a flinch... you could put $3 worth of gas into your car and have it last you three days. I don't think I'd mind spending $1 a day on gasoline. I still support researching alternative forms of fuel, but this is definitely a step in the right direction that will provide excellent fuel economy until the scientists unveil the expensive hydrogen-powered car within the next couple of decades.


texas toad said...

As Vanity Fair says, green is the new black. You notice this car doesn't have any doors. But if you need something bigger, you can go for the Loremo GT, 88 mpg. What are the chances these will ever make it stateside?

Bradley Bowen said...

Haha, I just noticed that it doesn't have doors. Maybe it does the De Lorean thing.

Anyway, according to Ed Schultz and several online sources, this car will be available worldwide in 2009. No reports on the cost.

Nat-Wu said...

Greetings from the Three Wise Men!

I'd be happy enough to have a car that got 60mpg. It's kind of sad that the best I can expect from my Kia Spectra is 32mpg (and that's not much of a car!). I'm all about saving the money. I still think that there needs to be not only incentives to get people to buy these kinds of cars, but we need to get the giant Hummers and Suburbans off the road. If the law of supply and demand is true (which is really not in doubt), then the more gas we use, the more it costs. If it was possible to switch out all SUVs with small sedans like mine that get twice the milage, we'd see gas prices go down overnight because people wouldn't be buying 40 gallons of gas every week (or more often)! I typically buy only 1 tank of gas a week (10 gallons).

But of course, as a market-based incentive, high fuel-economy cars are a start.