Sunday, May 07, 2006

the texas blogosphere defined

Vince Leibowitz, contributor to Burnt Orange Report and founder of Capitol Annex, contributed a guest blog at called A Guide to Texas Blogs Left and Right. It defines the Texas blogosphere and presents links to what Mr. Leibowitz calls some of the best political blogs in Texas. Of course, the obvious "A-listers" were mentioned, but Mr. Leibowitz also talked about some newer blogs all across the state, including NTL.
In North Texas, Three Wise Men, a group Blog, College Democrats of North Texas, and North Texas Liberal, are three Blogs that address issues of national and state significance.
Thanks, Vince! We appreciate the publicity and we're glad that someone has finally taken a real and comprehensive look at the Texas blogosphere.


SlowNomad said...

Congratulations, Bradley and the Flower Mound Democrats! I think it's great that you guys started a blog. I hope that you are very successful. I'll certainly keep reading!

Good luck from Susan, Chris, & Mariah; ex Flower Mound Dems, now Redmond, WA Dems! We hope to help unseat Reichert in the 8th District (traditionally very wealthy and very republican) with Darcy Burner and be one of the 15 that make Nancy Pelosi our new House Speaker!

Bradley Bowen said...

Susan! It's so great to hear from you. We originally were examining the hits and thought it was interesting that we were getting hits from Washington State. Then we remembered that y'all had moved there! We thought it was so great that you were keeping up to date on what was going on down here.

Thanks so much for the compliments. Blogging has been so much fun. It takes a lot of work and can be frustrating when it seems like no one is reading, but to get recognition from Capitol Annex and Dallas Blog has been a real honor!

Anyway, good luck in your election there! Work hard and fight the good fight! I can wait to see Rep. Darcy Burner in the future, and of course Speaker Pelosi! We are currently trying to unseat Burgess with the best Democrat we've had yet, Tim Barnwell. We know it's a long shot, but we're working closely with his campaign and hoping for a success.

Once again, it was great to hear from you! We miss you down here in this big old red state! Come back and visit sometime, all right?

Vince Leibowitz said...


Thanks for mentioning me and the posts I did which included North Texas Liberal. You're blog is indeed an up-and-comer with very good writing.

I'm inviting some "less exposed" blogs and bloggers to guest post on Capitol Annex. If you're interested, drop me a line ( and I'll shoot you a log in ID.

Also, are you going to be at the state convention? We're having a big blogger bash and NTL should be represented!

Bradley Bowen said...

Thanks Vince! I'll be emailing you soon! We are currently trying to organize all four of the NTL contributors to attend the blogger convention. Only two of us are state delegates, though.

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