Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wake Up America!!!

On a radio program , they played a portion of a Bush speech where he is talking to his supporters and he says something like "some people call you the elite, I call you my base." I think that says it all. Bush only cares about the small minority, with the greatest wealth.

He will do anything to ensure that their wealth grows, while everyone else continues to see their income decrease or are eliminated due to job outsourcing. Kanye West said "Bush doesn't care about black people." To that I would add, Bush doesn't care about poor people, working middle class people, gay people, all minorities (except the few misguided ones who continue to vote for him and his cronies- and he really doesn't care about them), the elderly, anyone without affordable healthcare, etc. or to sum it up, George Bush doesn't care about anyone not in the top 1% of the wealthy- his policies certainly demonstrate that. In the Dallas Morning News on 5/16, an article outlined his wealth as well as the wealth of Cheney. I am sure that any tax cut or policies he promotes are to ensure that he will benefit and continue to live on "easy street" along with his elite base. Wake up America and vote for American values and that means VOTE DEMOCRAT!!!

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Bradley Bowen said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Jo! We've got to get people fired up. They don't seem to realize that President Bush isn't really looking out for them. Luckily, with his approval ratings at an all-time low of 29% (getting closer to Nixon's), it seems like a great majority of the American public is finally waking up. Let's hope that this translates into ballots come November.