Friday, July 28, 2006

Barnwell for the 26th Congressional District

Check out victory06's diary on Texas Kaos outlining Tim Barnwell's platform for the 26th Congressional District in Texas.

TIM BARNWELL and a Democratic Congress will:

- fight to raise the minimum wage and repeal subsidies for companies that send our jobs overseas.

- overturn Republican cuts in financial assistance to college students.

- repeal the Republican bill that denied competition in drug pricing for Medicare Part D, and will work toward health coverage for all Americans.

- return to the fiscal responsibility of the Clinton years and reduce the deficit and the debt.

- champion stem cell research, providing hope to millions of Americans for cures from catastrophic diseases.

- promote alternative fuels, fuel efficiency, and reduce dependency on foreign oil.

- follow up on the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission and demand oversight of the administration’s build-up to and conduct of the war on Iraq.

With your help, Tim Barnwell will go to Washington to help accomplish all these goals. Please join us in this exciting opportunity to show the country what North Texas really believes in and will fight for.


Residents of the 26th Congressional District deserve better. Let's work together to send Tim Barnwell to Congress in 2007.

[Disclaimer: I volunteer for the Barnwell campaign. Join me.]

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