Thursday, July 06, 2006

help texas candidates today

There are two polls you can fill out right now to help bring much-needed contributions to Texas candidates. Two Political Action Committees, one run by former Virginia Governor Mark Warner and the other by California Senator Barbara Boxer, have nominated Texas candidates for the honor of financial contributions and campaign events to help them get elected.

The first is Forward Together PAC, founded by former Democratic Governor of Virginia Mark Warner. He has initiated a Map Changers poll, as many of you know. The finalists include gubernatorial candidate Chris Bell and candidate for U.S. Congress District 21, John Courage. Mr. Courage and Mr. Bell haev worked out a plan to share the earnings and therefore we must recommend that you vote for Mr. Courage to avoid splitting the Texas vote and denying either candidate the contributions.

Vote for John Courage HERE.

The second is PAC For A Change, founded by Senator Barbara Boxer, a California Democrat. Senator Boxer has decided to run a contest to name a Democratic challenger in a U.S. Senate race to become the target of fundraising efforts. One of these challengers is Barbara Ann Radnofsky, the Democrat that is taking Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas to task in November.

Vote for Barbara Ann Radnofsky HERE.

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