Sunday, July 16, 2006

blogosphere roundup

I figured it was due time for another roundup of the extensive political blogosphere. Here are some excellent and recent blogs from both a local, state, and national level:
  1. Burnt Orange Report tells us that the Texas Federation of Teachers has endorsed Carole Keeton Strayhorn for Texas Governor.
  2. Capitol Annex offers an extensive post on the redistricting situation, with some corrections and clarifications here.
  3. DallasBlog considers Darrell Jordan as a Dallas mayoral candidate in 2007.
  4. Gonzo Muckraker reports that someone sent fake anthrax to the New York Times.
  5. At the Huffington Post, Arianna comments on the week's events at her famous blog.
  6. In the Pink Texas speculates about the midterm elections.
  7. PinkDome reports on the evolution of MySpace and how it can help candidates. Amy Manuel's MySpace account is profiled.
  8. Right of Texas points out that Democrat Chris Bell is the only gubernatorial candidate without a nickname.
  9. Stop Kinky! predicts that Kinky Friedman will end up in the single digits come November.
  10. WhosPlayin' outlines a (short) list of Texas candidates that support Network Neutrality.

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