Sunday, July 27, 2008

barackin' berlin

The media has been focused lately on Sen. Barack Obama's world tour, and his opponent John McCain has made a few swipes at the overseas voyage. But whatever your thoughts, watch this speech and listen to the words.

Over 200,000 people assembled to hear this presidential candidate speak in Germany. Yes, President Bush has tried to train us that we shouldn't care what the rest of the world thinks, but after all we are sharing the earth. Unity is important. Common goals can be reached. Yes we can.


Anonymous said...

Since accurate estimates are only in the 20,000 range, your post immediately becomes one of disinformation.

Bush has never said we didn't need support from other nations, and had, in fact built one of the largest coalitions in fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

What the President has said, is that we are going to fight terrorists, and we don't need the rest of the worlds permission to do it.

Obama is nothing but a two(or three or four) faced coward who has no position on anything.

Obama has shown he will say anything to play to his audience, just as he did when he stated he opposed the war in Iraq when he was speaking at an anti-War rally during a campaign.

He made that statement with no intelligence at all. Notice how his positions are changing now that he has access to intelligence.

I cannot believe the gullible people who believe an ounce of crap this goon spews on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

barackin berlin - I cannot understand how people believe an ounce of crap that McCain spews!!

You have to be naive or very gullible to think for one second that a Republican government is the right way to go in the next election.

One just has to look at the state of this great country to know that it would spell disaster to vote in a Republican president that embraces many of Bush's policies!

When listening to McCain I feel deep fear in the pit of my stomach - he does not have a plan for our country let alone for the world and our country's place in the world.

However when I listen to Obama I hear a man that has a plan and a vision. I hear a quiet strength and see a leader.

Again when I listen to McCain all I hear is 'I know how to win war' - yet he hasn't ever really won a war has he? He was a POW not a war mastermind. The fact that he was in a war does not mean he knows how to run a war or how to win a war. Many of our men and women have been in wars- that does not qualify them to run a country let alone win a war.

So I disagree with you wholeheartedly - I see President Obama as being a smart and intelligent man. He is a good statesman that is in the process of gaining the support of world leaders and he is a strong leader.

Hopefully much of America will realize this too and he will be voted in unanimously as the president of the United States of America.

Bradley said...

To the first anonymous poster, I'm not really interested in debating about Obama vs. Bush/McCain, but I will tell you that Obama campaign estimates are around 200,000... not sure where you have seen 20,000 but I feel like that's too much of a discrepancy to get away with.

Norah A said...

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