Thursday, July 24, 2008

Precinct Blogs in Denton County

Few things have been more exciting in this extraordinary election year than watching the grassroots organizing that has developed as a direct outgrowth of the primary election process. And one of the most entertaining aspects of that for me are the blogs that have been popping up at the precinct level. There is nothing more rewarding to this blogger than helping another blogger join the chorus of activists seeking progressive political change in Denton County.

A couple of new blogs have launched recently, joining some previously established ones. Here is a list of the current Democratic precinct blogs in Denton County that I know of. Have I missed anyone? If you've got a Democratic precinct blog in Denton County that isn't listed here, leave me a link in the comments.
Blog/City                       Precinct No. 

Castle Hills Democrats Precinct 224

Highland Village Precinct 322

Lewisville Precinct 324

Corinth Democrats (Lake Cities) Precincts 129 & 108

And if your precinct or city isn't represented, visit these for a little inspiration. When it comes to blogging, the more the merrier.


WhosPlayin said...


BTW, WhosPlayin is not strictly a precinct blog, but we do hail from Pct. 319

Judith A. Ford said...

It's GREAT to see more nice-looking Democratic precinct blogs for Denton County popping up!