Monday, July 28, 2008

wendy for the win! (brimer loses ouster suit)

Despite Kim Brimer's best efforts, it looks as if he'll be facing his worthy adversary Wendy Davis on the November ballot.

The Lone Star Project reported that Brimer lost his court challenge against Davis a few days back.
After very brief deliberation, State District Court Judge Tom Lowe denied Republican State Senator Kim Brimer’s effort to knock his Democratic challenger, Wendy Davis, off the November ballot. Judge Lowe upheld Davis’ position on every important disputed point.
We knew Davis would emerge from this frivolous lawsuit victorious, but Brimer may still appeal the decision according to PoliTex.

So for the time being, this drama may continue.

But Tarrant County needs Wendy! We can't let these Republican scare tactics derail one of the most promising candidacies in North Texas this cycle. Contribute to the Wendy Davis campaign today.

After all, Brimer may be trying to oust her from the race, but we all know why he's trying: he's afraid she'll oust him from the Texas Senate.

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