Tuesday, August 19, 2008

brimer-davis telenovela set to end friday

Expect to hear a quiet sigh of relief Friday from the Wendy Davis campaign.

Davis, a Democrat who is running against state senator Kim Brimer, a Ft. Worth Republican, has faced several challenges against her candidacy because of "resign-to-run" laws, meaning her opponents don't think she resigned from her city council post early enough before declaring her candidacy for the State Senate.

First, a group of area firefighters said her candidacy was illegitimate, but the motion was denied. Then, Brimer himself tried to get Davis removed from the ballot. State District Court Judge Tom Lowe denied the challenge, allowing Davis to remain a candidate in the election.

The Texas Supreme Court today denied Brimer's request to expedite his appeal, meaning Brimer's last chance will be with the Second Court of Appeals in Ft. Worth.

The deadline to remove a candidate's name from the ballot is this Friday. Here's to an end to this never-ending drama, and a victorious Wendy Davis. We have a feeling Brimer wouldn't be so persistent with this lawsuit if he weren't afraid of losing his seat in November.

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