Wednesday, August 20, 2008

hey at&t, where's my vp?

The Obama campaign has offered supporters the chance to be among the first to know of his vice-presidential pick by receiving a special text message. Seriously, this guy's all about a new kind of politics. So instead of obsessively checking Drudge and Politico this morning, let alone CNN, I continually lit up my phone's screen to see if I somehow went deaf and could no longer hear my text alerts.

It was supposed to come this morning, was it not? Now they're saying we'll probably know tomorrow afternoon. Bah! And while most sources seem to think that Joe Biden has it in the bag, Biden isn't his own biggest cheerleader. He told reporters, "I'm not the guy."

If it isn't Biden, then who is it? Tim Kaine? Evan Bayh?

Well, here's hoping it's Hillary.

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