Tuesday, August 19, 2008

joe lieberman, part deux

Brace yourselves, because this is about to get interesting.

Joe Lieberman, senator for Connecticut and Al Gore's running mate back in 2000, is reportedly ready to jump ship. Again.

In 2006, the grassroots and netroots staged a coup against pro-war Lieberman, who lost the Democratic primary to challenger Ned Lamont. Lieberman then decided to run as an independent and he bested Lamont in the general.

Lieberman may be forced to cut all ties this time, though, as rumors swirl that Republican nominee John McCain is seriously considering tapping a pro-choice running mate, with Lieberman's name at the top of his shortlist.

What will happen if McCain gets the Joementum? Word on the street is that we'll hear McCain's vice-presidential pick on August 29.

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