Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the trashing of a former president (throwing bill clinton under the bus)

It began during the Democratic primary, when detractors began accusing former President Bill Clinton of being a racist.

Since then, people have blamed Clinton for sinking his wife Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions. People, especially the pundits, have been chattering since before the New York senator even conceded about the former president's role on the campaign trail.

After his wife's concession and endorsement of Barack Obama for president, they continued to denigrate Bill Clinton by saying that he wasn't fully on board, he wasn't doing what was asked of him by the Obama campaign, that he didn't really want Obama to be elected, and that he and Hillary would likely vote for John McCain so she could run for president again in four years.

Now, as reports abound that Hillary has been offered the secretary of state position in the incoming Obama administration, the networks can't stop discussing whether or not Bill will cost her the cabinet post.

I think it's high time that we take a step back and remember the 1990s. Under President Clinton's purview, economic growth was positive. And when Clinton left office, armed conflict around the world was at an all-time low. We truly were experiencing a time of peace and prosperity.

And even though the Clintons lost the health care battle in their day, their hard work on introducing the issue on the national stage will make it that much easier for the Obama administration to assemble and pass a national health care plan.

Let's stop attempting to tarnish President Clinton's legacy, and instead honor and respect the great work that was accomplished in the Clinton years. The Republicans have done enough to try and bring down the Clintons-- we don't need good Democrats following their lead.

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