Monday, April 03, 2006

early voting - primary runoff

Early voting has begun for the Democratic and Republican primary runoff elections here in Texas. If no single candidate earned a clear majority (50% +1) in the March primary, he or she will face the next highest vote-earner in that primary.

This runoff will cover two statewide races for the Democrats. First, Democrats will decide who will face incumbent David Dewhurst in November for the coveted position of Lt. Governor. Maria Luisa Alvarado and Ben Z. Grant are the Democratic nominees.

The highly-publicized race will be that for the chance to face Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison for her seat in the United States Senate. Hutchison is up for re-election this November and will face one of the following Democrats in the general election: Gene Kelly or Barbara Ann Radnofsky. Kelly is an 80-year-old retired Air Force lawyer from Universal City. He was the nominee against Kay Bailey Hutchison in 2000 and lost miserably. He refused to campaign... he has never accepted campaign contributions and refuses to speak at public events. He is what we call a "perennial candidate," or someone that puts their name on the ballot every election without giving any real effort to their campaign. Kelly has become a statewide joke. He beat an energetic Charles Gandy in the 2000 Democratic Primary on name recognition alone. Some speculate that Republicans may have crossed over in 2000 to ensure Gandy's defeat. Perhaps the same thing is happening this year. Republicans would not want Radnofsky on the campaign trail because she stands for a stronger Texas. Radnofsky is in clear opposition to Senator Hutchison's corruption and would make a refreshing change in the Republican-controlled Senate. Let's not let fools and fanatics take away our hope of putting a real Democratic voice in the U.S. Senate: vote for Barbara Ann Radnofsky! She has received endorsements from every major newspaper statewide as well as countless Democratic organizations. She is our best bet in November.

Early voting will continue through Friday. Click the following links for voting information and locations: Denton County, Dallas County, Tarrant County, or Collin County. Election day is April 11.

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