Friday, April 28, 2006

texas reps vote to "sell out" the internet

Internet users in Texas should be ashamed of their delegates to the U.S. Congress. Texan members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee Rep. Michael Burgess (R) of Flower Mound, Rep. Joe Barton (R) of Ennis, Rep. Ralph Hall (R) of Rockwall, Rep. Charles Gonzalez (D) of San Antonio, and Rep. Gene Green (D) of San Antonio all voted to "sell out the Internet" by rejecting the Markey Amendment, which would protect Net Neutrality.

Texans, please contact your representative in D.C. and let them now that you are disappointed in his vote that would favor the communications companies over his constituents. Learn more about how Net Neutrality affects you from a previous post at NTL.

It's a sad day when Texas Democrats will vote against the will of the people. The Democrats cannot claim to be a populist party if they vote like corporate-minded Republicans. Please take the time to send an email to Rep. Green and Rep. Gonzalez, letting them know that they have let us all down as Texas Democrats. (This vote is expected of former Democrat Rep. Ralph Hall, who became a Republican in 2004 when he formally endorsed President Bush's re-election campaign.)

Rep. Joe Barton, an Ennis Republican, is one of the co-sponsors of this bill and his mind probably can't be changed (for fear he'd be casted as North Texas's very own flip-flopper), but if enough constituents in CD 26 express their outrage concerning Rep. Michael Burgess's anti-consumer and anti-small business vote, it's possible that he'll change his mind. Democrat Tim Barnwell, who will challenge Rep. Burgess for his seat in November, has come out in favor of Net Neutrality.

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