Monday, April 24, 2006

temporary fix passes the lege

The Dallas Morning News reports that HB 1 and HB 2 have passed, allowing a temporary fix by lowering property taxes by seventeen cents and using the profits from any other bills passed to help buy down the property taxes. The passage of these bills will comply with the minimum requirements of the Texas Supreme Court ruling that held the current property tax and school finance system unconstitutional. Still to be seen is whether or not Perry's controversial business tax will pass the Republican-led House.

EDIT: According to In the Pink Texas, HB 3 has passed 80-69.

Unfortunately (as we are obviously stationed in the Dallas area) none of our bloggers were able to make it down to Austin for the special session. Over the past few days, we have provided you with some information about what the special session is and what it means. If you would like to read live blogs from the floor of the Texas State House, please visit Pink Dome and Capitol Annex, both top-notch blogs that have provided excellent coverage of the special session.

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