Sunday, April 23, 2006

Interim Chair of Texas Democratic Party Elected

Boyd Richie, a resident of Graham, Texas, just north of Fort Worth, has been named interim chair of the Texas Democratic Party. Richie will replace Charles Soechting, who is resigning early. Richie was the only nominee, although Charles Urbina Jones withdrew his name, citing the fact that he was running for the permanent position in June. The appointment is not without some controversy, as Richie is also running for permanent chair. The concern is whether holding the interim position confers an advantage in the race, or implies endorsement. The other candidates are Glen Maxey and Lakesha Rogers. The vote for chair will take place at the state convention in Fort Worth in June.


Bradley Bowen said...

Man, I'm not sure who I'm going to vote for in June at the convention. I really like Boyd Richie, and I talked to the two SDEC members that go to the Denton County Executive Meetings and they both really like Richie and I think they are voting for him. But I got a mailing from Maxey... he seems good, too. There hasn't been one defining thing that has drawn me to a certain candidate, so unless I'm convinced otherwise before June I'll probably vote for Richie because of his endorsements and his election as interim chair.

bluehouse said...

I would ask why they like Richie. Is he status quo or will he breathe new life into the party? I am about finished with "Crashing the Gate" and the person who echoes the new life theory will get my vote.

texas toad said...

I'm not sure I know enough about Richie's policies to comment. Maxey's literature is geared to a grassroots reorganizing, at least that's my take. And I know absolutely nothing about the other two candidates. We definitely need to do some more research on this.