Thursday, October 26, 2006

40 Reasons to Vote a Straight Democratic Ticket

Do you need a reason to vote a straight Democratic ticket? How about 40? Here's a list of the numbers no Texans could be proud of (with a nod to Karl-Thomas Musselman of the Burnt Orange Report and the Office of the Texas Comptroller- yeah, that one.)

  1. 1st Toxic and cancerous manufacturing emissions
  2. 1st Consumption of electricity per capita
  3. 1st Number of civil rights complaints
  4. 1st Number of clean water permit violations
  5. 1st Number of executions
  6. 1st Number of registered machine guns
  7. 1st Number of home refinance loans that are sub-prime
  8. 2nd Birth rate
  9. 2nd Teen birth rate
  10. 2nd Percentage of population that goes hungry
  11. 2nd Sales tax dependency
  12. 3rd Percentage of population that is malnourished
  13. 5th Total crime rate
  14. 11th Violent crime rate
  15. 44th Percentage of eligible voters that are registered
  16. 45th Public health spending per capita
  17. 45th Rate for substance abuse treatment
  18. 45th Number of women receiving prenatal care
  19. 46th Average hourly pay rate
  20. 46th Mental health spending per capita
  21. 46th Per pupil public school state funding (2003 school year)
  22. 46th Open space protection
  23. 47th Percentage of eligible voters that go to the polls
  24. 47th Amount of welfare and food stamp benefits
  25. 48th Child protection and public safety spending
  26. 48th SAT scores
  27. 48th Number of poor covered by Medicaid
  28. 49th Number of WIC recipients
  29. 49th Water quality
  30. 49th Transportation dollars
  31. 49th Percentage of women voting in congressional/presidential elections
  32. 49th State spending per capita and tax revenue raised
  33. 49th Support of state parks
  34. 50th High school graduation rates
  35. 50th Goverment employee wages
  36. 50th State funding for arts
  37. 50th Percentage of population with health insurance
  38. 50th Percentage of insured low-income children
  39. 50th Homeowner insurance affordability
  40. 50th Residential electric bill affordability


Bradley said...

Ew, you linked to a Perry attack ad? Haha, oh well.

I took your recommendation a step further: I voted for Democrats, and if a Democrat wasn't running in a race, I voted for the Libertarian! I'm definitely ready for some new leadership in Austin and Washington.

Unknown said...

Yeah, a five-way race makes for some interesting twists. I like seeing Perry and Strayhorn go negative on each other.