Sunday, October 22, 2006

media endorsements: governor's race

It's that time again: major news outlets are offering up their endorsements in the Texas gubernatorial election. Some are not surprising... after all, The Dallas Morning News is infamous for its ultra-conservative editorial board. The Austin American-Statesman apparently has more of a moderate editorial board that wanted to endorse Chris Bell, but was overridden by a conservative publisher.

Many were surprised when The Houston Chronicle came out in favor of independent candidate Carole Keeton Strayhorn. Another surprise came with national men's magazine Esquire taking a sudden interest in Texas politics and endorsing Chris Bell for governor.

Here is a list of news outlets that have endorsed the race. If you know of a newspaper not on the list that has offered an endorsement in this race, please say as much in the comments section and we'll add it to the list.

Gov. Rick Perry
- (Republican)
Austin American-Statesman

Dallas Morning News
San Antonio Express-News
Beaumont Enterprise
Midland Reporter-Telegram
Tyler Morning Telegraph
El Paso Times
Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

Chris Bell - (Democrat)
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Austin Chronicle
Corpus Christi Caller-Times
Abilene Reporter-News

Carole Keeton Strayhorn - (Independent)
Houston Chronicle
Waco Tribune-Herald
Abilene Reporter-News
Victoria Advocate
Wichita Falls Times Record News

Kinky Friedman - (Independent)
Galveston County Daily News
Round Top Register
Amarillo Independent

Note: The Abilene Reporter-News recommended that readers vote for either Strayhorn or Bell.


Anonymous said...

For perry:
el paso times, lubbock, tyler, midland, SAEN, Beaumont.

crazy one: waco, witchta falls, victoria.

Bell: fort worth

Wax Poetic said...

Seems like Bell would have a chance if he would just speak up. Time is running out. I'm not mad at Bell for trying to get Kinky drop out, he's been a big dissapointment

Anonymous said...

Esquire Magazine also endorsed the following North Texas Democrats for US Congress:

- Tim Barnwell - District 26:
"[Michael] Burgess, a lackluster congressman, is an MD who lives to limit damages in medical-malpractice cases. Shocking!"

- Gary Page - District 24:
"[Kenny] Marchant is a member of Tom DeLay's redistricting class of '04, so ought not have a legitimate claim to a seat in Congress. Sorry. "

- Dan Dodd - District 3:
"Maybe the most conservative member of Congress, [Sam] Johnson is the House's answer to Jack D. Ripper. Last year, he says, he had a conversation with President Bush in which he told the president that the nonexistent WMDs were in Syria. Johnson personally volunteered to fly an F-15 over and nuke Syria for the president. What a man. His opponent is a West Point graduate who did two tours of duty in Vietnam. "

- Eddie Bernice Johnson - District 30:
"Johnson can be erratic, but during the debate on the resolution to authorize the use of force in Iraq in the fall of 2002, she said: 'I am not convinced that giving the president the authority to launch a unilateral, first-strike attack on Iraq is the appropriate course of action at this time. While I believe that under international law and under the authority of our Constitution, the United States must maintain the option to act in its own self-defense, I strongly believe that the administration has not provided evidence of an imminent threat of attack on the United States that would justify a unilateral strike. I also believe that actions alone, without exhausting peaceful options, could seriously harm global support for our war on terrorism and distract our own resources from this cause.'"

- David Harris - District 6:
"The congressman from ExxonMobil. [Joe] Barton has taken more money from Big Oil than anybody else in Congress, which takes some doing. Meanwhile, he was one of only 11 House members to vote against the Hurricane Katrina Emergency Relief Bill, this after telling Mississippi governor Haley Barbour, "Whatever you need from the federal government... we'll do everything we can to make it happen sooner rather than later and bigger rather than smaller." Dave Harris, an Iraq-war vet, should put a stop to this nonsense."

- Shane Sklar - District 14:
"Rep. [Ron] Paul, a true libertarian, is one of the great eccentrics in Congress. He used to be considered the most right-wing member from Texas. Now most of the delegation is far to his right. They've changed. He hasn't."

- Will Pryor - District 32:
"[Pete] Sessions is one of those guys who took money from Jack Abramoff while writing letters to Cabinet members asking them to shut down casinos run by Indian tribes not represented by Abramoff. His opponent is a former district judge. "

Overall, in contested races, the recommended 7 Republicans and 20 Democrats.

They also recommended Kay Bailey Hutchison with this:
"...Is [Kay Bailey] Hutchison really the best Texas can do? Sadly, the answer is yes."

Of course I disagree. All it takes is for one to meet Barbara Ann to understand why she needs to be put in charge of everything - immediately.

The rest of the endorsements can be found here: Esquire Endorses Texas Candidates - 2006

Anonymous said...

Strayhorn also got the Texas Publishers Association, representing all African-American newspapers in Texas, and the Abilene Reporter-News in addition to the Houston Chronicle, Waco Tribune-Herald, Victoria Advocate, and Wichita Falls Times-Record News.

Anonymous said...

the Texas publishers assoication is an endoresment that campaigns pay for.