Friday, October 06, 2006

watch the gubernatorial debate tonight

Tonight, Republican Governor Rick Perry will face three of his challengers in a debate. State Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn, Democrat Chris Bell, and comedian Kinky Friedman will all take on the Governor of Texas tonight at the live forum. Libertarian James Werner was not asked to participate because he has consistently polled with less than 6%.

The debate will be broadcast live from the WFAA television studios in Dallas. North Texas viewers can tune in to WFAA (Channel 8) to see the action as it takes place. The debate will also be shown on TXCN and other networks around the state. The forum will take place tonight (Oct. 6) at 7 p.m and is expected to last for approximately one hour.

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Anonymous said...

I just got back from New York, and this was the first thing I wanted to see on Tivo.

I think Chris Bell nailed it, and got a bit of help from Kinky Friedman.

Perry didn't even try to defend any of his bullcrap - he stands behind TTC and the rest.

Strayhorn said the right things, but her demeanor was scripted and very insincere, I thought. She and Perry got into it, and she did expose some of Perry's financial shenanigans, but her dirty laundry was brought out as well.

Perry took a last minute jab at "Congressman" Bell that I thought was interesting. Even though Bell had been redistricted out of office by the corrupt Republican leadership, Perry seemed to be trying to get people to associate Bell with their general dissatisfaction with Congress. It was pretty transparent, and I don't think it worked to his advantage. But to me, it does show that he's concerned about Bell.

Kinky was called on the carpet for his racial insensitivity, but he assured everyone that he was raised by a black woman, and that he even knows a few black people.

All of the candidates were asked Texas Trivia questions. I believe that only Chris Bell got both his answers correct - the year of the battle of the Alamo. (which escapes me already...) 2nd question was about term limits for the governor - answer being that there are none, and with Rick Perry in office we should be "terrified"!

Actually, I should rewind the Tivo and post the questions so we can all see how we would have done. I got close on some.

I really liked the format, and would hope that ALL politicians have to go through debates like that. Very well done. Nods to Belo on this.